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Community Drug is known around these parts as “the pharmacy with the sign.”  The sign announced the opening of our pharmacy with a reference to the fast food restaurant that was formally in our location with these words:  No Burgers and Fries – We Have Pills and Advice.  This created so many comments that we decided to keep putting fun or unusual phrases on the sign.


The sign has its own fan club with people bring in clippings, books, and ideas.  Often fans of the sign are from out of town. One unknown person from Iowa sent a brochure full of fun phrases.  Another sent an anonymous comical reply (we can’t post it here!) to a question we posted “What Ever Happened to Preparations A thru G.”  Our sign has been photographed by bicyclists, motorcycle riders and motorists.  One traveler posted it on a web site that featured other signs, and from there it was included in a CNN television story about signs! It is no real surprise to look outside and see someone slowing down get a better look or even stop and take a picture.


We estimate we have posted at least 500 sayings over the past 15 years.  It has been fun to have a way to speak out to the community. We should probably use the sign to advertise our business, but posting saying is way more fun!

Some of Our Most Memorable

If a turtle doesn’t have a shell is it homeless or naked?

I’m not speeding, I’m qualifying

Men I don’t understand; Chocolate I do!

Corduroy pillows:  They’re making headlines!

Honk if you like peace and quiet

Tim:  You forgot your memory pills

A flashlight is a case for holding dead batteries

Having a 2 year old is like running a blender with no lid

My attention span is not what it

Synonym – the word used to replace the one I can’t spell

Beans – the only gas I can afford

Nervous cows make better milk shakes

Believe only half of what you think

I used to work in a blanket factory but it folded

The best vitamin for making friends is B1

Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things

Forget the health food – I need preservatives

I don’t skinny dip – I chunky dunk

Our More Recent Postings!

Jancy received ATLEAST 58 honks (yes, technically 116 honks for those wondering!), including 1 train, throughout the day. That’s an average of 1 every 10 minutes!

Thank you for visiting!  We have been posting sayings and jokes on our sign since 1999 when

our business opened.  It has provided lots of laughs and comments over its

life and we look forward to providing plenty more into the future! 

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