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Are you SATISFIED with your current pharmacy?

Do you have ACCESS to a pharmacist you know and trust?

Have you experienced the BENEFITS that a caring pharmacy can provide?


Choosing a pharmacy is an important decision.   Medications may be confusing or scary, but proper management can lead toward great results!  Don’t settle for using the ‘closest pharmacy’ or ‘the one you always use’.

Explore your options and find a pharmacy you can trust!

If these problems are familiar to you, then it is time you stop by Community Drug to experience the difference!   Our store was established with the goal of providing a personal connection between customers and their pharmacy that would inspire friendships, trust, loyalty, and compassion. . This connection lets you be more comfortable and confident asking questions or voicing concerns which allows us to know you better and provide you with better guidance and more knowledge.


Community Drug is proud to have its owners be part of the daily staff and be readily available, in person, for any questions or concerns you may have.  It is our desire for accessibility that compels us to NOT have an automated phone system.  That’s right- when you call during normal operating hours you get a pharmacy staff member directly every time!  


We take pride in the fact that we are a family owned business and our owners and staff are Goshen County residents.   We are proud of where we work and invite you to stop by our pharmacy where we are confident you will quickly understand the Community Drug difference we strive to provide.  We would love to meet you!


We also offer these advantages!

Drive-Thru Window (loved by those with kids or limited mobility)

Large Parking Lot (no fuss parking, even for those pulling trailers)

No Automated Phone System

Delivery Available

Located Just 1 Mile West from downtown Torrington - Look for the 'Pharmacy with the Sign' !!!


Tim and Jancy Walter opened Community Drug in May, 1999 with specific goals in mind. They sought to fulfill a need for pharmacy services that would go beyond filling prescriptions.  They envisioned a pharmacy that would inspire friendships, trust, and loyalty. They continue to pride themselves in knowing their customers by name and are proud to have an independent pharmacy which allows them to treat customers as customers want, not as a distant boss would dictate.

Tim and Jancy found a location for their store just 1 mile from downtown Torrington. It offered a large parking lot with easy access to the highway. Remodeling of the building began and in 30 days the former restaurant was transformed to a retail pharmacy, including a Drive-Thru window. Most of the remodeling was done by Tim and Jancy with the help of their family, friends, and employees. Their son John, who is also an owner and pharmacist, remembers this transformation well and the excitement that came with all the remodeling and painting.

The antique stove, antique prescription bottles, and various artifacts were donated by many people and help create the cozy, home-town feel of the pharmacy.  A new sign topped off the changes allowing them to display the always popular funny sayings or inspiring quotes that many folks have enjoyed over the years.


Looking back Tim, Jancy, and John all agree they could not have chosen a better location to begin their pharmacy and are thankful for the time and energy they have spent towards creating such a wonderful business . They are excited to see it head into a second generation and are proud it can continue to provide the same caring, heartfelt, and professional service they offered from day one.

A flashback to the beginning of Community Drug. This photo was

taken as we were preparing to open our store in 1999. The erasing of ‘Taco Tico’ is

a nice reminder of several very hot days wearing full body suits and sandblasting off paint!

At Community Drug, we value the friendships and connections between our customers and ourselves.  As a customer of ours we will work to build a relationship with you. To start that relationship, here is some history and information about our staff:


Jancy Walter, Registered Pharmacist (RPh) / Founder & Owner

University of Wyoming Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy

Past president of the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy

Goshen County Native


Jancy decided to follow the footsteps of her parents and maternal grandparents by attending the University of Wyoming. Her pursuits led her toward pharmacy and she graduated from the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy 1979.


She has had the opportunity to work at multiple pharmacies over the years and learned something from each of her mentors. Her first experience being in  a pharmacy was filling out 4-H record books while sitting at the soda fountain at Edelman Drug in Torrington, WY.  


Her professional experiences include working in Casper at Clinical Arts Pharmacy, Don’s Drug, and Hill Top Drug.  In Gillette she worked at Murphy Drug and the Campbell County Memorial Hospital. After moving back to Torrington in early 1990’s, she managed Center Pharmacy for seven years before founding Community Drug in 1999.


Jancy  served on the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy for six years and has the distinction of being the first woman appointed to the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy.





Tim Walter, Office Manager / Founder & Owner

University of Wyoming Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science

University of Wyoming Master’s Degree in Education

Goshen County Native


Tim was a University of Wyoming Extension Agent for twenty years, working in Natrona County and Campbell County with primary emphasis on the 4-H program. He was instrumental in bringing the Shooting Sports program to Wyoming. He had the opportunity to return to Goshen County when he became the Ag-Business instructor at Eastern Wyoming College; a position he held for over 25 years.


Tim currently runs the accounting side of Community Drug.  His Goshen County roots and years of teaching in Torrington have created many great friendships.  He enjoys seeing many of those friends and past students as customers of the pharmacy, even though most tease him about his age or golf game! 


John Walter, Registered Pharmacist (RPh) / Owner

University of Wyoming Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy

Goshen County Native


John decided to follow his family’s extensive footsteps in Laramie and attend the University of Wyoming.  By doing so, he became the 4th generation to attend college there.  His interests lead him towards science and health and then into pharmacy. He left Laramie in 2007 having completed his pharmacy degree from the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy.


John remembers being at the hospital pharmacy in Gillette with his mom when he was only 5 years old, playing with cars in the back and watching his mom work.  He remembers being around a pharmacy most of his life, always intrigued by the knowledge pharmacists could provide and the amount of people who ask for it.


After graduating John worked in Casper with the majority of his time spent working for a Long Term Care pharmacy which specialized in medication reviews for the elderly and managing medication regimens for the elderly and nursing home residents.  This experience created a passion for him to help managing complex medication issues and help provide safe, accurate, and cost effective use of medicine.  


John and his family moved back home in 2012 to join his parents and continue the professional and personal touch that Community Drug has been known to provide.  He is driven to offer a high level of knowledge and compassion to his new customers and carry Community Drug into another generation while preserving the very aspects that have brought customers back to Community Drug time and time again: knowledge, honesty, and friendship.


Lauren Correa, CPhT.
Pharmacy Technician since 2008
Worked for Community Drug since 2004
Goshen County Native

Karri Garner, CPhT.
Pharmacy Technician Since 2011
Worked for Community Drug since 2015
Valentine, Nebraska Native. Current Resident of Goshen County

 → Full line of Prescription and Over-the-Counter Products

 → Medical Equipment (Crutches, Walkers, Bathroom/Shower Accessories)

 → Health Care Equipment (Diabetic Supplies, Blood Pressure Monitors, Nebulizers)

 → Large selection of Braces (Knee, Wrist, Ankle, Back, and much more!)

 → Wound Care Products

 → Compression Stockings (Measuring Free! Large Selection)

 → Dr. Comfort Shoes

 → Ostomy Supplies

 → Tasty Meds (Flavoring for Liquid Medications)

 → Leanin’ Tree Cards (We like to stock the funny ones!)



→ Complete Medication Reviews (private room): Can help you save money, optimize medications, and much more!
→ Medication Adherence Reminders
→ Refill Synchronization Program
→ Text Message Reminders
→ Online Refills
→ Small Phone App for Mobile Refills
→ Weight Loss Program (private room)


Don’t Forget ! !
→ Drive-Thru Window
→ Delivery Available

We can transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy – just give us a call and we’ll do the rest!

We accept most insurance plans  (Aside from what your insurance might tell you!)

→ We can often fill for a 90 day supply

We would like to thank everyone who has supported Community Drug as well as other Goshen County businesses.  Shopping locally has more impact than you may think as it is vital in keeping local commerce working and local businesses open.   It is your support on a routine basis that ensures local businesses are here for you, year around.


Independent pharmacies, as well as many small businesses in America, are facing similar challenges fighting for firm ground between large, corporate businesses and strict government regulations.  There is a relentless push towards mail order and chain pharmacies that often decreases your access to a pharmacist and your ability to get questions answered by a pharmacist face-to-face. 


It is our belief that we can offer a value to medication management well beyond the large pharmacy; a value that can truly increase one’s quality of life.   Medication regimens may be extremely confusing and we feel very strongly that everyone deserves the personal touch and time that we can provide to ensure safe and appropriate use of medications.  Your right to choose a pharmacy should not be restricted by government or insurance regulations, but should be a choice by you, the consumer.     


We are grateful for those who have chosen to be our customers. We have truly enjoyed the friendships we have made and are proud to offer pharmacy advice and guidance to our customers.   Your friendships remind us why we began Community Drug and why we continue to practice pharmacy. 


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you and we look forward to either seeing you again or meeting our new customers for the first time! 





So in everything, do unto others what

you would have them do to you.

Matthew 7:12





Please feel free to contact us anytime! We gladly welcome any input, questions, or concerns you may have. If you prefer to meet in person, simply stop by as one of our owners is always available during business hours. If you would rather email or call, please do so using the information provided below.

Community Drug

900 West Valley Rd

Torrington, Wyoming 82240

Phone: (307) 532-3060


       Unsure of where we’re located?  It’s easy to find!

  Simply head west on the main highway 85 toward Lingle.  We are only 1 mile west of downtown Torrington!

Check out our FACEBOOK page! http://commdrug.com/refill Visit our GOOGLE + Page! Visit 'Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency'

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