Our Story


Tim and Jancy Walter opened Community Drug in May, 1999 with specific  goals in mind. They sought to fulfill a need for pharmacy services that  would go beyond filling prescriptions.  They envisioned a pharmacy that  would inspire friendships, trust, and loyalty. They continue to pride  themselves in knowing their customers by name and are proud to have an  independent pharmacy which allows them to treat customers as customers  want, not as a distant boss would dictate.   

Tim and Jancy found a location for their store just 1 mile from downtown  Torrington. It offered a large parking lot with easy access to the  highway. Remodeling of the building began and in 30 days the former  restaurant was transformed to a retail pharmacy, including a Drive-Thru  window. Most of the remodeling was done by Tim and Jancy with the help  of their family, friends, and employees. Their son John, who is also an  owner and pharmacist, remembers this transformation well and the  excitement that came with all the remodeling and painting.  

  The antique stove, antique prescription bottles, and various  artifacts were donated by many people and help create the cozy,  home-town feel of the pharmacy.  A new sign topped off the changes  allowing them to display the always popular funny sayings or inspiring  quotes that many folks have enjoyed over the years.
Looking back Tim, Jancy, and John all agree they could not have  chosen a better location to begin their pharmacy and are thankful for  the time and energy they have spent towards creating such a wonderful  business . They are excited to see it head into a second generation and  are proud it can continue to provide the same caring, heartfelt, and  professional service they offered from day one.